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Heating or cooling

EVOTEC protective covers with possibility of introducing heated or cooled air.

For your robot working in extreme conditions.

ochrona robota przed promieniowaniem cieplnym

In some processes, robots need to work in temperature much higher or lower than recommended.

More and more often production processes require robots to work in temperatures beyond their allowed range.

The solution – heated or cooled protective robot cover.

EVOTEC protective covers with possibility of introducing heated or cooled air.

The construction of such cover includes special openings which allow introduction of air with the right temperature. This allows you to heat or cool down the robot, depending on what the application requires.

Introducing heated or cooled air under the cover with increased pressure allows you to increase or decrease the temperature around the robot, under the cover. Thanks to this kind of solution you can regulate the temperature under the cover in applications such as foundry work and hardening, as well work inside coolers.

Covers protecting from chemicals and their vapour

We also design and manufacture custom covers for chemical flow systems, e.g. for sulfuric acid.

If the substance flowing inside the system could cause harm to human health and life, we can use chemically resistant fabrics. Thanks to special inspection windows employees can monitor the system for leaks, which increases safety and quality of work in production.

In our portfolio you can also find:

Protective covers for welding tongs

In order to perform its functions, the robot needs a tool – for example welding tongs.

When contaminants get inside parts of the welding tongs, they cause blockage and damage. The cables on the welding tools can be damaged by heat or accumulation of weld spatter.

EVO_heat covers for welding tongs are made of technical fabric with excellent heat-reflecting properties, which is resistant to sparks and high temperature generated in welding processes. In
addition to heat resistance, the fabrics also have hydrophobic and oleophobic coats. This increases the level of protection against dust commonly present in such processes.


Protective covers for grippers

A gripper is a tool for picking, moving and placing parts. These devices are often exposed to oils, coolants and dust, as well as hot spatterand radiant heat.

Protective covers shield grippers from dust and other contaminants getting inside their moving parts. Such solutions mean increased production quality and efficiency. They also extend the lifetime of these smaller mobile devices, so that they can work malfunction-free for a long time. This ensures production quality and eliminates malfunctions and unplanned downtime.

Protective covers for actuators

Actuators are small but very important parts of machines, which occasionally require special protection.

They can be exposed to particles of dust or other contaminants getting inside their moving parts, which can cause malfunctions and very serious damage. This often stops the entire machine, which results in repairs and the need to replace the actuators, which can be very expensive.

Protective covers for actuators prevent contaminants from getting inside the parts, protecting them from malfunctions and excessive wear. By using covers for actuators you can extend their lifetime and decrease the risk of malfunctions.

Protective covers for cables and conduits

Protective covers for cables and conduits made of technical fabrics chosen depending on the working process.

Such type of solution is used when the upper arm of the robot is in direct contact with the conduit that contains power cables for the tool. When the robot is working, the conduits hits the surface of the robot, causing damage. The protective cover prevents degradation of the robot surface. It also protects the conduits from premature cracking due to repeated impact against the machine.
Conduits in production lines can also be exposed to harmful factors such as sparks and hot spatter, which could cause burns.

Thanks to covers made of heat-resistant fabrics, the conduits are no longer in danger of burning. Using conduits covers, we can increase safety and order in production lines.

Protective covers for paint guns and spray nozzles

EVOTEC protective covers for paint guns and spray nozzles are professional tailor-made products which do not block or hamper the work of the device. They are also easy to install and replace.

Thanks to the covers, the varnish or paint splashes do not accumulate directly on the device, which helps keep it in good condition for longer and reduces the need for cleaning. If the cover is used up, you just take it off and put on a new one. You do not have to spend time on cleaning and the device is not exposed to paint or other chemicals that could cause damage to its surface.

The righr type of robot protection guarantees malfunction-free work.

Industrial robots working in particularly difficult conditions need highly effective protective solutions. We can use specially designed rotary rings, which are a base for installation of the cover. They protect the robot from harmful effects of e.g. dust. They do not limit the movement of the robot, increase the level of protection and protect the most vulnerable places. They also shield the base of the robot, where power connections are located.

If you choose rings, they become an integral part of the cover, increasing its protective properties.



Comprehensive perfection of your robot cover.

  • Carefully chosen fabric. We choose the fabric for cover production basing on an analysis of the robot’s working conditions in the given process.
  • EVOTEC protective covers ideally chosen for your robot. All our covers are designed individually, which enables us to fit the construction to the requirements of the given process.
  • When designing protective covers we always consider the model and construction of the robot, installed equipment and trajectory. The construction of the cover is always fitted to your needs and the robot’s shape, which does not limit its movement range.
  • Fabrics for special purposes. The thread and other connecting elements are chosen depending on the fabric and the process in which the robot is working, which prevents contaminants from getting under the cover. This enables the cover to protect the machine from factors that could cause damage or a malfunction.
  • Tightness of your cover is the priority. Both for you and for EVOTEC. We prevent contaminants from getting under the cover by using fasteners appropriate for the working conditions (dust, ambient temperature, hot splashes or vapour). In some cases we recommend making rotary rings, as an integral part of the cover, which increases the protection level. Thanks to this kind of solution we increase the freedom of movement and additionally protect the base of the robot. This is quite important, since the base is the area where the power connections are located – often only this kind of solution allows the robot to work safely.

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