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EVO_blast protective covers protecting the ABB IRB 6700 industrial robots in the shot blasting process

is an integrator who builds robotic production lines. Knowing how harsh the shot-blasting process can be, they decided to use industrial robot protection with their Client, a manufacturer of steel parts.

What did the Client gain?

  • A solution made to measure, which guarantees protection of all robotic axes and the robot base;
  • Reduced risk of robot damage and malfunction;
  • Reduced maintenance and repair cost.

THE SOLUTION – an EVO_blast protective cover for ABB IRB 6700 robot working with shot blasting.

The EVO_blast protective cover is made of fabric coated with special abrasion-resistant mix. The seams connecting the fabric use special, highly durable thread, which makes them more resistant to damage.

Protective covers for ABB IRB 6700 robot in the shot blasting process

Using an EVO_blast protective cover for the ABB IRB 6700 robot in the shot blasting process prevents direct exposure to dust and abrasive substance ricochet, which keeps the robot in good technical condition for longer than an uncovered robot.

Protective cover for ABB IRB 6700 – shot blasting

Using a protective cover in robotic shot blasting greatly reduces the risk of damage and malfunctions. The ABB IRB 6700 robot can work with no unplanned downtime and the Client reduces the risk of warranty and post-warranty repairs, which greatly increase the cost of industrial robot maintenance.

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