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Painting covers protecting industrial robots working with powder coating

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Using EVOTEC industrial robots protecting painting robots in the Client’s facility has:

  • Increased the safety level of the robot in the explosion risk zone;
  • Prevented accelerated degradation of the robot surface;
  • Reduced the risk of malfunctions which generate high expenses;
  • Protected the painted parts from contamination.

DANGER to robots working in powder coating

Powder coating involves paint in the form of powder which accumulates on surfaces and gets inside the moving parts of the robot. This causes accelerated degradation of the robot surface and gear seizing, which results in additional unplanned downtime and expense.
Another consequence of a large amount of contaminants accumulating on the coating tool is contamination of the painted parts when pieces of paint fall of the machine. This also causes financial loss. Additionally, the powder coating area is an explosion risk zone.

THE SOLUTION is protecting the powder coating industrial robots with an EVOTEC protective cover

The EVO_coat protective cover is made of light, dustproof fabric, which prevents particles of paint from entering the robot gears and accumulating on the surface. Since the covers can be replaced as needed, there is no excessive accumulation of paint on the cover, which makes the workpieces safe from falling flakes of paint. Using a cover greatly reduces the time needed for cleaning the robot.

Protective covers in powder coating

The fabric used for making the EVO_coat cover has a special coat with anti-static properties. Thanks to this feature, the cover can support the work of the robot in an explosion risk zone. However, using a cover does not automatically protect the workstation from explosion risk – this kind of assessment should always be done by qualified specialized units.

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