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Protective cover for ABB IRB 6250 robot working with coating

A leader in the Automotive sector, producing interior components for premium brands such as BMW, Jaguar and Maserati.

Using a protective cover for the ABB IRB 6250 robot in the Automotive sector allowed the Client to:

  • Protect the robot from harmful factors causing corrosion and other damage;
  • Reduce the risk of malfunctions causing unplanned downtime and increased production cost;
  • Protect the production line from contamination, which could lead to enormous financial loss.

DANGER to the work of industrial robots in the Automotive sector, working in dusty environment

Industrial robots are often used in coat spraying processes. Spraying PU (Polyurethane) foam on parts generates a large amount of contaminants. The surface of the robot is exposed to particles of polyurethane. This makes it necessary to clean the machine thoroughly and often. If a larger amount of foam accumulates, it can fall off the robot and contaminate the parts that are worked on. The dust can also penetrate gears, causing them to seize.
Also present in the environment is chemical vapour, which may have a highly destructive influence on the robot, causing corrosion of its surface and damage to the seals which then need to be replaced, causing unplanned downtime and expense.

THE SOLUTION – EVO_coat protective cover – PU foam spraying

EVO_coat protective cover is the best way to protect the robot from contamination and vapour. The cover protects gears, mechanisms and the surface of the robot from accumulation of foam particles, which could cause contamination of the production line. This is highly important, since contamination of the product could lead to big financial loss. The cover is made of specially selected fabric which does not generate particles or contain any fillers which could disrupt the production process. This is very important in these types of processes.

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