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Protective cover for ABB robot gripper transporting hot parts

is an international leader in design and production of components and hi-tech systems for the Automotive industry. In Poland they own 5 production facilities that produce parts of lamps and reflectors for cars, exhaust system components, dampers, bumpers, dashboards, as well as interior and exterior equipment.

By using an EVO_heat protective cover for ABB robot gripper, the Client gains

  • protection of the gripper parts from radiant heat;
  • protection of the gripper from vapour and splashes of oils used in the production process.

DANGER to ABB robot transporting hot elements

The main risk to the ABB robot gripper transporting hot exhaust system parts into a cooling tank is radiant heat. Due to direct contact of the machine with the hot workpiece, the device is exposed to harmful effects of high temperature.

THE SOLUTION – EVO_heat protective cover for ABB robot gripper transporting hot parts

The EVO_heat protective cover prevents the machine and cables from heating up. Especially the cables are in danger, since they could melt due to proximity to heat. The fabric of the cover has highly reflective properties, reflecting up to 90% of heat radiation. Additionally, the fabric is vapour-proof and protects the machine from vapour, liquids and oil splashes.

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