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Protective cover for ABB robot working with part machining

is the Polish branch of a corporation producing axles, drive shafts and their components for Automotive and Aerospace sectors.

By using the EVO_dust protective cover in the parts machining process, the Client gained:

  • Protection of the robot surface from damage;
  • Protection of mechanical parts of the robot, such as gears and servo drives;
  • Decreased risk of malfunctions and unplanned downtime;
  • Reduced cost of robot refurbishment.

THE DANGER in the working environment of the ABB IRB 4600 industrial robot

Oils, coolants and metal shavings are the main harmful factors affecting the surface of the robot and its moving elements. A robot working with machining without any protection is directly exposed to these factors. The chemicals used in the process cause accelerated degradation of the robot surface, which forced the Client to regularly repaint the robot.

Shavings and shards from the machined parts would hit the IRB 4600 robot, further speeding up the destruction process. They also had a negative impact on the gears, since fine filings getting inside them would cause them to seize and require replacement. Without a cover, the ABB industrial robot was also constantly exposed to vapour of chemicals used in the process.

THE SOLUTION – EVO_dust protective cover for ABB robot working with parts machining

Thanks to the EVOTEC cover, the surface of the robot is well protected from harmful effects of sharp metal particles and emulsions used in the process. The cover is like a protective shield against factors that caused accelerated degradation of the robot.

Thanks to the EVOTEC protective cover solution it is possible to save the time that would have been spent on cleaning and repairs, and spend it in a more productive way.

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