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Protective cover for an UR10e industrial robot, working in a freezer, in below-zero temperature

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Benefits of using EVOTEC protective cover in food processes

  • Protection of the robot from below-zero temperature of work (about -30°C);
  • Decreased risk of malfunction of robot gears, which are not meant for work in such low temperatures;
  • Production safety and continuity.

RISK to UR10e industrial robot working in food industry inside a freezer

Usually the robot’s working temperature is from 5 to 45°C. It is practically impossible for the robot to work in -30°C, since the oil inside the gears may harden and even starting the robot could cause damage to the gears and consequently the need of their replacement. The only sensible solution was to use an EVO_pure protective cover with heated air pumped inside.

THE SOLUTION is an EVO_pure protective cover with special openings allowing introduction of heated air

The EVO_pure protective cover is made of two layers of fabric. The interior layer is made of fabric with a reflective layer which keeps heat inside the cover. The external layer of the cover is made from fabric with hydrophobic properties, for additional insulation.

Since the subzero temperature in the robot’s environment had to be kept at a constant level, the cover needs to be as airtight as possible. The heated air pumped under the cover through special openings allowed the robot to work in such extreme conditions, but it did not change the temperature inside the freezer.

Thanks to this solution, the UR10e robot could work freely in environment which was far from its optimal working conditions. The EVO_pure protective cover allowed the robot to work without malfunctions.

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