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Protective cover for FANUC R1000 robot working with moving of steel rods

is an international Automotive concern manufacturing cars with both exhaust and electrical engines.

By using EVO_heat protective cover for FANUC R1000 robot, the Client gains:

  • protection of the industrial robot from radiant heat;
  • protection of the machine from dust generated in the production processes;
  • significant decrease of malfunction risk;

RISK to industrial robots working with moving hot steel rods

The main risk to the FANUC R1000 industrial robot is radiant heat. Due to close proximity of the robot to the induction furnace, the temperature in the area often exceeds the upper permitted limit. This may cause the servomotors to overheat and require downtime. Using a robot in these conditions could have a negative impact on production continuity, which in a large factory like this results in delays and financial loss.

THE SOLUTION – EVO_heat protective cover for FANUC R1000 robots working with moving hot steel rods

The purpose of the EVO_heat protective cover is protection of the robot from radiant heat. The cover consists of three parts fitted to its construction, which cover the entire surface of the robot and part of the gripper, shielding it from radiant heat.

Protective cover for a robot working in high temperature

The cover is made of Aramid fabric with a reflective coating. The base of the fabric is a polymer with high mechanical resistance. It provides durability of the fabric during the robot’s work. The coating of the fabric reflects up to 90% of radiant heat, which greatly slows down the heating up of the robot, compared to work without any cover.

Thanks to the EVO_heat protective cover for FANUC R1000 robot, the risk of malfunction is decreased, which ensures process continuity and protects the robot mechanisms from overheat

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