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Protective cover for Kawasaki industrial robots applying cosmetic chemicals into containers

An intregrator of automatic production lines, building a state-of-the-art robotic line for an international cosmetic brand

Benefits of using an EVO_pure protective cover for Kawasaki RS007R robot

  • Protection of the robot from harmful factors, which helps protect it from accelerated degradation and quick wear of moving parts;
  • Reduced cost of robot maintenance and shorter time spent on workstation cleaning;
  • Safety in production environment.

RISKS to industrial robots working in cosmetic industry

The Kawasaki robot applying cosmetic chemicals to containers works in acidic environment. It is exposed to chemical vapour present in the process. It can cause malfunctions of robot gears and accelerated degradation of its surface due to the negative effects of corrosive fumes of chemicals used in the process.

THE SOLUTION – EVO_pure protective cover for Kawasaki industrial robot

EVO_pure protective cover, thanks to its tight and fitted construction, protects gears and other mechanisms of the robot, as well as its surface, from vapour of acidic chemicals, contaminants and splashes from the production process.

The fabric of the cover does not generate dust, does not contain silicones and fillers which could contaminate the liquid chemicals pumped into containers in the process.

The EVOTEC protective solution provides protection of both the robot and the product itself – from oils and dust that could be shed by the robot during its work.

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