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Protective cover for KUKA KR6 robot working with glue spraying

Manufacturer of car speakers, audio amplifiers, antennae and cables for cars.

The benefits of the EVOTEC cover:

  • protection of the robot from surface contamination which reduces the need for cleaning;
  • production continuity thanks to elimination of unplanned downtime for repairs

DANGER to robots working with glue spraying

The KUKA KR6 robot working with gluing speaker parts is exposed to harmful effects of chemicals, their vapour and contamination, which could lead to corrosion of robot parts. The contaminants could also penetrate the robot gears, causing malfunctions. This could result in additional unplanned downtime for robot repairs and cleaning.

THE SOLUTION for a robot working with glue spraying – EVOTEC cover for KUKA KR6 robot

The EVO_coat cover protects the KUKA KR6 robot from contamination with glue and glue vapour which could otherwise cause corrosion of robot parts.

The EVO_coat cover is made of fabric which prevents direct exposure of the robot to the glue used in the process. Since the robotic workstation includes a camera with lamps at the robot wrist, the fabric used for making the cover has a low rate of light reflection, which was very important to make sure the production process would be conducted correctly.

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