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Protective cover with a reflective surface for welding tongs installed on a Yaskawa Motoman robot working with welding.

An Italian company with one of its largest departments in Poland. One of the world leaders in production of steel wheel rims for passenger cars.

The benefits of using an EVO_heat welding tongs cover

  • protection of the machine against direct contact with hot splashes;
  • protection of cables from burns caused by hot sparks;
  • protection of moving parts of the tongs from contaminants generated in the process;
  • increased safety level of the device.

DANGER to robots in the welding process

Machines working with welding, such as industrial robots and welding tongs used as robotic tools are often exposed to hot sparks and weld spatter. The dust present in the environment may also be a danger to the device, as they could get inside the moving parts, block them and cause malfunctions. As a consequence, the production line needs to be stopped so that the machine can be repaired.

THE SOLUTION for protection of welding tongs – EVO_heat protective cover

The EVO_heat cover for welding tongs is meant for protection of excessive amounts of dust generated in the welding process, sparks that could burn the cables attached to the tool, as well as radiant heat. This solution helps maintain the device in good technical condition and slow down its degradation.

The fabric the cover is made of is durable and temperature resistant. The metallic coat of the fabric protects from high temperature of sparks from the welding process and part of radiant heat. The coating is also dustproof, which decreases the risk of dust permeating the cover.

Protective cover for welding tongs – benefits

Thanks to the EVO_heat protective cover for welding tongs, the tool is less exposed to danger, which significantly extends its lifetime. The cover is a shield that separates the tool from danger. Comparing the cost of tool replacement and of the protective cover, using a cover and replacing it regularly is still less expensive than repairs and part replacement.

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