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Protective covers for industrial robots working in dusty environment, in close exposure to radiant heat

The largest global manufacturer of steel gas cylinders and other steel products, e.g. pallets and containers.

The benefits of using EVOTEC protective covers in dusty environment

  • Increased robot work safety;
  • Protection of the robots from harmful factors that cause them to degrade quickly;
  • Reduced frequency of robot repairs and part replacement, and consequent reduction in operating cost.

DANGER to robots exposed to radiant heat and graphite dust

The ABB IRB 7600 and KUKA KR 300 robots work near casting molds, where the gas cylinders are shaped. The robots work with pick&place, as well and mold spraying. Thanks to the complex production process involving several robots performing different actions, the Client can achieve high product quality.

Protective covers for ABB IRB 7600 and KUKA KR 300 robots in heat radiation

Since the robots are placed close to the heat source, without protective covers they would be highly prone to overheating. Additionally, the graphite and water mix used for spraying the casting molds blocks the gears and moving parts of the robots, causing malfunctions. The mix also accumulates on the surface of the robot, which leads to its degradation. This causes the need for frequent repairs and unplanned downtime, as well as replacement of worn-down parts.

THE SOLUTION – protective covers for robots working with mold spraying

The EVO_heat protective cover is made of fabric with special dustproof silicone coating, which greatly reduces the accumulation of water/graphite dust mix on the robot. Thanks to the cover, the robot gears and mechanisms are also unexposed to its harmful effects. What is more, the fabric and its coating is resistant to temperatures of up to 250°C, therefore emergency situations such as explosions and fires (which are always possible in such type of production) are not as big a risk to the machines.

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