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Protective covers for palletizing industrial robots in food processes

A company working with robotic production workstation building, introducing robotic meat block palletizing process in a cooler.

Benefits of using EVOTEC protective covers for food industry

  • Protection of the robot from harmful factors, which helps protect it from accelerated degradation and fast wear of moving elements;
  • Decrease of robot maintenance cost and shorter time needed to clean the workstation;
  • Ensured production safety.

RISK to industrial robots in food industry processes

Industrial robots working in food related processes are usually exposed to high moisture level in their environment, which during the cleaning of the workstation and hall can reach even 80% and creates perfect conditions for corrosion. Another risk are the detergents and sanitizers used for cleaning the robot and area, which could negatively affect the surface and mechanisms of the robots, making them more vulnerable to damage. Another serious risk in robotic food production lines is the possibility of oils and lubricants from the robot getting into the food product.

THE SOLUTION – EVO_pure protective cover for industrial robots working with palletization in food industry

The EVO_pure cover for an industrial robot is supposed to shield the surface and mechanisms of the robot from detergents used for cleaning of the workstation. Another essential function of the cover is protection of the food product from contamination with oils from robot gears. If the product becomes contaminated, the entire batch needs to be disposed of, which leads to huge financial loss and delays in production.

EVO_pure protective cover protects the robot from degradation in difficult working conditions in food related processes.

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