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Protective covers for robots working in aluminium high pressure die casting

A part of a global consortium, a manufacturer of car AC compressors, working with production of parts in HPDC process, machining of the casts and assembly of compressors

The use of EVO_heat protective covered in the HPDC process brought on many benefits

  • Protection of robot surface from harmful effects of moisture from the separating substance and no unplanned downtime;
  • Less time and money spent on cleaning and maintenance of the robots;
  • Less frequent robot repairs;
  • Increased workplace safety.

RISK to Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots working with high pressure die casting

The most common difficulties in high pressure die casting is accelerated wear of the parts. Yaskawa Motoman robots working in such environment are at risk of malfunction and their sub-assemblies require frequent replacement. This concerns mostly gears and other internal mechanisms. The cost of their replacement is much higher than the cost of an EVO_heat robot cover.

If working without covers, the robots are exposed to accelerated degradation caused by harmful influence of hot splashes, oils, coolants and moisture, which is in constant presence in this type of process. In such case, it is necessary to clean the robot more frequently and increase the maintenance efforts, which requires stopping production often. As a result, the production efficiency level decreases. Thanks to EVO_heat covers, it is possible to decrease the number of downtime breaks.

THE SOLUTION – EVO_heat protective covers for Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots working in high pressure aluminium die casting

The solution is the EVO_heat protective cover with special construction fitted to the robot construction and its additional equipment. The cover is made of fabric with special hydrophobic coating, which prevents moisture from entering the cover. The coating is also resistant to high temperature, which stops hot particles, which no longer pose a risk to the industrial robot.

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