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Cable covers – protection of electrical cables

Cable covers - protection of electrical cables

Protection of electrical cables

In high-temperature processes and in the machining or metalworking, the protection of electrical cables is a very important issue. In these processes, it is necessary to protect the cables and cable guides from damage – heat radiation can melt the insulation on cables, while sharp shavings can cause cuts. The consequences can be very serious: damaged cables cause dangerous short circuits, as well as immobilize the equipment until the damage is repaired. For this reason, cable protection is necessary under to maintain the safety and continuity of the production process.

Protective covers for cable guides

Cable guides are components often present on industrial robots. As they are usually made of plastic, they can melt and become damaged if the robot operates in an environment where it is exposed to heat radiation and hot spatter (e.g. foundry work, welding, hot forging). The covers for the guides made of non-flammable and heat-resistant fabrics that protect them from contact with sparks and hot spatter. The reflective coating of the fabric reflects part of the heat radiation, reducing the risk of melting of the guides and cables.

EVOTEC cable covers

Protecting cables from temperature and mechanical damage is crucial in many manufacturing processes. Thermal cable sleeves made of durable fabrics make it possible to protect these components, significantly reducing the risk of damage and preventing serious consequences. Electric cable protection covers are a simple and easy-to-install protective solution that contributes to a higher level of safety in the production environment.

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