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We know how important production continuity is in industry. Unplanned downtime is an expensive problem for many production plants. This is why EVOTEC wants to prevent it. Using robotic production, you can reduce the amount you spend on service and maintenance of robots and ensure production efficiency. How can you do that?

We know what production looks like, so we do our best to prepare a suggestion of a solution and the solution itself as quickly as possible. Remember – we are here for you. We are happy to help.

What can we do for you? Additional service

Each our offer contains design and manufacture of a complete, individual solution. We supply not only a cover, but a complete solution. We also offer a wide variety of services regarding installation and servicing of protective covers.


In order to extend the lifetime of the cover, you can have it repaired and professionally cleaned.

The service includes:

• fixing small areas of fabric damage or loss • replacement of worn parts of the cover.

Benefits of cleaning and repair of covers:

• extended lifetime of the cover – you do not have to buy a new cover if the old one can be fixed • continuity of robot protection – if your robot is working in very difficult conditions, you can buy two covers and use the other one while the first one is being cleaned and repaired.


The service contains professional installation of the cover on an industrial robot or other machine. EVOTEC can assist with the installation remotely or in person.

A qualified EVOTEC employee can also train your employees in cover installation and de-installation, as well as tell you how and when the cover can be cleaned and repaired.
br/>We will give you all the necessary information and the instruction of cover installation. Additionally, we will check the functioning of the cover with you.


If it is necessary to use rotary rings, EVOTEC can provide a design of rings for the Client to manufacture on location. In such case, the cover is installed on the rings which additionally protect the robot base from contamination.

Let’s talk about what harmful factors your robot is exposed to.

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