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Protection of industrial robots exposed to radiant heat

Radiant heat in industry

Radiant heat in industry can be generated by radiant sources such as furnaces, molten metal, or high-temperature environments. The protection of robots in such conditions typically involves the use of heat-resistant materials, insulation, cooling systems, or fabrics with specialized coatings to prevent damage to the robot’s components and ensure its proper functioning. Radiant heat protection is particularly important in processes such as foundry work, hot forging or handling hot components.

Radiant heat in industry

Importance of heat protection for robots

Heat protection covers for industrial robots are important for several reasons. First of all, most robots can operate in temperature up to 45°C. However, in processes such as metal melting, radiation temperature exceeds these figures. This causes the robot to overheat and be unable to work properly, or at all. Secondly, heat can damage electronic components of the robot and melt cables and plastic wire harnesses, which may pose a high risk to production safety.

Protection from overheating in robotic systems

Risks of overheating in robots can be mitigated by the use of radiant heat protection in the form of robot covers with a special surface. The protective covers help to protect from negative results of the radiant heat from the furnace or other heat source. If necessary, additional cooling system can be implemented under the cover. With sufficient radiant heat protection, robots can work even in hazardous, high-heat conditions.

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