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Why it is important to use protective covers for robots in food industry production

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The use of industrial robots in food industry production

Harmful factors in the food industry

Industrial robots in food production can be exposed to such factors as moisture and water splashes, as well as corrosive effects of salt and chemicals used for cleaning and sanitization of the working environment. These factors accelerate the wear of the robot parts, reducing their lifetime.

Companies looking to automate food production often struggle with the following issue: what if oil used for lubrication of robot gears leaks and contaminates unpacked food? In such situations, the only option is to dispose of the contaminated batch of the product, which usually generates high cost, not to mention the waste. Even using a robot specially dedicated to food industry does not completely solve this issue.

In food industry production it is absolutely crucial to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Robotic workstations in this type of facility are frequently cleaned and sanitized in order to remove any contaminants where microbes could be multiplying. However, industrial robots, due to their complicated shape, are quite difficult to clean – therefore, keeping the robot clean takes up quite a lot of precious time.

EVOTEC protective covers for industrial robots working in food industry

What is more, protective covers can help in case of oil leaks from robot gears, containing the initial leak, which gives the robot operator time to react before the oil comes into contact with the food product. This helps prevent financial loss and product waste. Using a cover also shortens the time spent on cleaning, since it eliminates the need to clean all the nooks and crannies of the robot.

To sum up, EVOTEC protective covers for industrial robots working in the food industry help increase the efficiency of robotic food production and extend the lifetime of the robot and its parts. EVOTEC protective covers are a solution that simply and effectively ensure production continuity and allows you to make full use of the benefits of robotics.

tailor-made technical solutions

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